Mango Nights


An Exciting Fresh Mix of American Standards, Latin, Gypsy Jazz by the wildly popular Portland Oregon band - Mango Nights -


"Mango Nights was really impressive! They play lively, vibrant music with intensity and precision. Professionals all, each musician plays off the others, feeding on their vibes and emotions. They played three full sets of some complex music without any mishaps or let downs. Thoroughly enjoyable" 

 Mike Pearson-The Oregonian

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About the Artists

Hi, my name is Sue Lewis, the executive producer for "Reason to Live" album and violinist for Mango Nights. I am so blessed and honored to work with some of the best musicians in the country located in my home town of Portland Oregon. A special thanks to pianist and arranger Bo Ayars who enjoyed a huge career in Los Angles working with Barbra Streisand and many other famous artists before retiring with his wife to Portland Oregon.Thank you Bo for helping me with this very special project!

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About the Artists About the ArtistsAbout the ArtistsAbout the Artists

The Artists

About the ArtistsAbout the ArtistsAbout the ArtistsAbout the Artists